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How to stay protected online?

  • Scangoogle.ru Removal

    31/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    Scangoogle.ru is a browser hijackers that aims to generate income by redirecting you to sponsored pages. It is not a malicious infection but it still behaves questionably. For one, it entered your computer without your permission. Do not be surprised if you suddenly find it on your browser and have no recollection of installing it…

  • How to get rid of Ads by Cantstopplaying.com

    31/05/2017 Posted in Adware

    Does the popping up of lots of Cantstopplaying.com ads while you are surfing the Internet sound familiar to you? Does that occur whatever browser app you are using, for instance, the Chrome or the Firefox ones? Perhaps you have no idea what is going on with your PC. Fortunately, we have the answers to all these questions. The program that might have been irritating you lately is named Cantstopplaying.com and belongs to the Adware family…

  • Block Viralyet.com Ads full information

    30/05/2017 Posted in Adware

    Viralyet.com Ads are a sort of the program for web browser that was developed to promote websites via various ads. It may be installed to Firefox, IE, Chrome. This type of extension will display various forms of advertising, such as banners, pop up windows, coupons and discounts. They are marked as by Viralyet.com. For this reason, the software is considered as a PUP and adware application. Thus, you need to delete it from your system.

  • Get rid of Untabs hijacker forever

    30/05/2017 Posted in Potentially unwanted program (PUP)

    Developers present Untabs as a legitimate search engine that is supposedly unleashed to enhance online search experience of users but in reality, it takes advantages of your online browsing activities to generate online advertising commission. Indeed, it arrives on your computer as unwanted browser extension. It collects your credentials like name, email, phone number, browsing habits, visited URLs, online shopping, credit card number, online recharge details and sends it to the remote location (also known as command and control server).

  • Stop Drsearch.info redirects now

    30/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    Drsearch.info is an unreliable third party applicatoin which has been listed as Adware program that generates nasty advertisements. Ads by Drsearch.info will redirect users to sponsored links as well as unsafe websites which are added with insecure components and links to involve computer into unexpected threats.In addition, Drsearch.info has the ability to modify DNS settings to take over your homepage.

  • Remove Playcapt.com ads

    30/05/2017 Posted in Adware

    Playcapt.com is a domain displaying all kinds of commercial advertisements. In other words, it is an advertising server which serves advertisements when users surf the web. Many users find those ads extremely irritating and wish to remove Playcapt.com pop-ups as soon as possible. It will not be very easy to make all those ads gone since they are visible because of the presence of a malicious application installed. According to malware experts, Playcapt.com ads are, most probably, shown by an advertising-supported application (adware) installed on the computer…

  • Get rid of redirect – Windowsmac.ru removal

    30/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    Windowsmac.ru is not a safe domain that keeps redirecting users to other dubious websites unexpectedly. Windowsmac.ru is supported by ad-provided platform and causes lots of PC problems in the background. Generally speaking, Windowsmac.ru can disguise to be an ad-supported extension and activates itself in the background automatically. Windowsmac.ru pops up endless of annoying ads, coupons, fake update messages and also system errors. The popups flood into every page in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and also Safari etc.

  • Remove weemi.com

    30/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    weemi.com is a browser hijacker that is similar to a number of other members of this group including Climbon.top, Tavanero.info, and many more. The so-called search tool is supposed to provide you with improved search results, however, what it actually does is flood you with advertising data. The hijacker aims at making profit by promoting its sponsors. It affects all popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others. If you want to improve the quality of your online surfing, you should not hesitate to delete weemi.com.

  • Instruction: how to remove KeenFinder.com step-by-step?

    29/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    Have your System got infected with KeenFinder.com and you are unable to browse any site as usual? Are you unable to delete this virus permanently from PC? Don’t worry and please read this removal guide who help you to delete it easily and instantly from System.. Have your System got infected with KeenFinder.com and you are unable to browse any site as usual? Are you unable to delete this virus permanently from PC? Don’t worry and please read this removal guide who help you to delete it easily and instantly from System.

  • Remove Sukoku.com

    26/05/2017 Posted in Browser hijacker

    Sukoku.com is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is classified as adware. It is advertised as a tool that can help you easily switch between search engines. It will also insert loads of advertisements into your browsers, which includes pop-ups, pop-under ads, banners, etc. It will not harm your computer as it is not malware but it should be noted that it can expose you to malicious computer viruses if you are not careful. There are two ways it could have entered your computer and that it either via free software bundles or you downloaded it from the official site…

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