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Due to infection, you are not able to find anything you are searching for. Instead, you are flooded with all kinds of questionable links, generated by your brand new search engine. You should know that these links are not reliable. On the contrary. Crooks use them to serve their malicious purposes. With them, they boost web traffic to particular pages and gain profits via the pay-per-click method. You are becoming a sponsor of crooks only by keeping the virus on board. And their profits come only at your expense. Each of your clicks doesn’t only fill their pockets, but it also puts you at risk of malware. The pages these links lead to cannot be trusted. Some of them are full of infections which you can get with a single click. Or they redirect you to other pages. Yes, now with the hijacker on board, you are being redirected to shady pages all the time. And this is not all. Don’t forget the pop-ups.

remove Ramblrr site

Of course, there will be pop-ups. is a hijacker, and it bombards you with irritating advertisings 24/7. Your screen is covered with banners, coupons, deals, offers, video ads, etc. Restrain yourself from clicking on anything displayed by this pest. More often than not, it leads to malware. And the last thing you need is more infections. This one is more than enough. It effectively ruins your browsing and wrecks your machine. Your PC`s overall performance it significantly worsened. It is slow, it crashes, it reboots, etc. Your browsers also freeze frequently. You may even have problems with your Internet connection. Don’t let hackers win. Uninstall the hijacker and regain control over your browsing and your machine. And most importantly, protect your privacy. Use our removal guide below and end this now.

But how did you get stuck with ? Well, the hijacker forces the page on your but how did the parasite itself enter? One of the most effective techniques is freeware/shareware bundles. Usually, gets attached to a bundle and you install in yourself. That’s why it is very important for you to pay attention and not to rush the process. Opt for the Advanced settings in the Setup Wizard instead of the Basic ones. Yes, they are more time-consuming but they also allow you to check the entire bundle program by program as well as to deselect anything that you don’t want.

Don’t choose speed over safety. Infections pray for your haste. Also, don’t skip the Terms and Conditions unless you want to agree to something you are totally against. The same goes for the “next” button which most users blindly keep on pressing until the program is installed. By doing so, you are only helping crooks. They need your carelessness. Don’t provide it and keep yourself and your machine safe.

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STEP 1. removal guide

In this step we will use a removal tool that can locate and remove all kinds of threats from infected computers. Either its malicious programs, registry key, browser add-ons and extension, GridinSoft Anti-Malware can effectivly detect and remove this badware:

Download GridinSoft Anti-Malware removal tool from the link below:

If you need help in removing infection,
contact us

Open the installation file and click “Yes” in the User access control window to continue:

The installation is very simple, click “Install” button and GridinSoft Anti-Malware will install itself in a default folder. You can choose custom folder and check the creation of desktop icon:

Open GridinSoft Anti-malware from the icon on the desktop by double-clicking it or “Start” menu:

Scan computer for related files

Go to the “Scan” tab and choose “Quick scan” or “Full scan“. It is advised to make full scan, but due to possible performance issues you can first run quick, to save some time. During the scan you will see what items GridinSoft Anti-malware located inside of your computer:

When the scan is over, GridinSoft Anti-Malware will show you the results with all detected items in the list. You can browse through it to choose what to do with particular item or choose the “Apply to all” function. Click the “Fix Now” button to apply action to detected items:

(OPTIONAL)To remove traces of some adware\malware\browser hijackers it is advised to Reset your browser settings. GridinSoft Anti-Malware allows you to do that with flexible options.

STEP 2. Using GridinSoft Anti-Malware to fix your browser

GridinSoft Anti-Malware has an effective utility called “Reset browser settings“. It is able to reset some of your browser option to its original state. Therefore, if some malicious program, adware or browser hijacker changes your browser settings, this tool can fix this in no time:

Open GridinSoft Anti-Malware – go to “Tools” tab – press “Reset browser settings

Check the options that you need in the “Reset browser settings” window. In the first column you need to choose your infected browser. (Supports all popular browsers). As for “Process” column we advise you to choose Start Page, Shortcuts, Search engines, Cache, Cookies (look for screen below). These settings will be changed to default and save most of the information you need in your browser:

Some malware and adware program may be installed very deep in your browser. In this case, we advise choose more efficient set of options. Check the following options in the “Process” column: “Start Page“, “Shortcuts“, “Search engines“, “Cache“, “Cookies” + “Addons” and “Policies” (screen below):

STEP 3. Protect your computer from reinfection

Removing viruses and malicious programs is one thing. The best practice in protection is to not get infected in the first place. To achieve that you must use reliable protection tool and follow simple rules or recommended advices to avoid infections completely. Here is the list of these tips:

  • Watch out for spam emails and attachments. A lot of cyber criminals and malware spreaders are using email spam messaging. Most of these messages have attachment files that can be dangerous to open. We advice to skip suspicious files, don’t even download them on your computer.

  • Adverts and redirect page. Some websites showing ads and pop-up on their pages. Along with this adware programs may generate various adverts on your computer. Clicking on them is very dangerous and leads to unexpected consequences.

  • Don’t open suspicious links and websites. Hackers and scammer are often creating websites of their own where they can do whatever they want. You can download only malware and unwanted programs from such pages.

  • Pay attention to what you install. If you have downloaded any program from suspicious website or anywhere else – always read all instruction and don’t click “Next” all the time.

  • Use protection tools. No matter how hard you try, some sneaky malware may break through all your defences. In this case you should always keep an anti-malware protection online on your computer. GridinSoft Anti-Malware has On-Run Protection feature. It is designed to keep this kind of malware from your computer. To activate this feature go to “Protect” tab and press “Start” button to the right. The label will show you “ON“, which means that On-Run protection is online.

Anti-Malware GridinSoft On-Run Protection Screen

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