Top 6 Annoying Browser Toolbars and How To Remove Them

Top 6 Annoying Browser Toolbars and How To Remove Them
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Terrible, isn’t it? I hope you’ve never had something like this in your browser.

Nowadays toolbars are associated with an annoying “helpers”, that just slow down your PC. We don’t need them, especially, when we have an enormous amount of extensions and other browser features. It is so easy to check news, emails, weather, transport traffic, so why you still put up with toolbars? The worst part is that they are not just useless, but really harmful: tracking your browser activity, collecting your personal information, replace real search results with its own. So, let’s see the most popular toolbars, that can spoil your time on the Internet.

Yahoo Toolbar

Yahoo is one of the most popular search engines and we can’t say it’s bad. Of course, it’s not. A lot of people like and install it at will. But according to the statistic, it is an obsessive toolbar that installs without your knowledge and also bundled with Yahoo! Messenger and other third-party programs. It is really nasty, that is why Yahoo in our list of top 6 annoying browser toolbars.

Ask Toolbar

Ask is much more spread, than the previous toolbar. Most of us have already seen it in the browser. On first glance it is a usual toolbar, that can not bring a real harm or even inconvenience. It is the wrong conclusion. It proposes you a lot of ads, show you sponsored sites first and the biggest problem – it comes with Java on your system. Believe me, you don’t want to have it on the PC. It will make your Internet life a nightmare – tons of ads, unwanted extensions and pop-ups.

Skype Toolbar

Are you surprised to see Skype on this list? Then you are lucky and installation of this software was totally fine. But some users face with unwanted ads, toolbars, and extensions after Skype installation. Be careful and do not download anything from doubtful sites.

Yandex Toolbar

Yandex it is widely spread Russian extension, that has quick links to your emails, weather forecasts, social networks, etc. It may be very useful, but a lot of our users complain about this toolbar. It gets on their PC without permission and redirects to Underwhelming, isn’t it?

Mail.Ru Toolbar

Another Russian search engine, that is really intrusive. It is bundled with most free programs around the Web. Redirects to random sites, incorrect search results, pop-ups – this and much more comes with Mail.Ru on your computer.

Babylon Toolbar

Babylon usually comes bundled with other free software. It adds an unsafe toolbar, that shows sponsored results. It may lead to other adware or more serious viruses, so we recommend not to keep it. It is not so easy to remove on your own, so we hope our guides will help you.

So, here is a logical question:

How to remove and prevent such toolbars?

To remove all unwanted extensions in Google Chrome you need to click on the right menu bar of your Google Chrome, choose “More tools” and then “Extensions”. If you see something with “installed by a third-party” you definitely don’t need to keep it.

Extensions in Chrome

After removal of all unwanted extensions, you need to go ahead to the next step -checking your search engine settings. For this open the same menu window, choose settings. There you can find information about your default search engine.

Search engine Chrome

We recommend to completely remove other search engines, for this, you need to click on “Manage search engines” and delete unpleasant ones.

Default search engines

Usual antiviruses can scan your system and prevent serious viruses, but a small (but very annoying) things, like toolbars it can’t detect. What to do? We recommend to use an anti-malware program, so you can clean ALL of your browsers regularly in one click. That is what our Trojan Killer [Portable Edirion] created for. To be sure that this program is easy in use you can see a guide below and even try on your own.

STEP 1. Use the reset browser settings tool of Trojan Killer Portable.

It will return your browser to a normal state in case of infection. Return to main screen and open Reset Browser menu:

Trjan Killer Portable Reset Browser Settings

STEP 2. Choose the options you’d like to return to its default state and press Reset:

reset browser settings google chrome

And do you know the main feature of this software? This scanner is portable (as you can see by its name), so you can clean any PC you want with a flash-drive or use it on PC as a usual software.

We are hoping, that this article helped you and toolbars won’t disturb you again. Don’t forget scanning your system and preventing nasty extensions in your browser.