In the AppStore applications have been found infected with the new virus YiSpecter

In the AppStore applications have been found infected with the new virus YiSpecter
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Contaminated software fell in the App Store using a fake version of Apple Xcode, which is used to create applications and software for iOS on the Mac, according to the portal Cnet

ecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, which originally reported the problem, discovered thirty-nine applications compromised by at XcodeGhost, and among the infected programs are applications for stock trading and banking. Basically, the application came under attack from China and Southeast Asia.

The Apple said it has cleared the store of infected applications.

“We’ve removed any infected applications from the AppStore», – said the spokesman of Apple. “Now we are working with the developers of the victims, to ensure that they use the correct version of Xcode, to restore their applications in the store.”

Company of California did not say how many and which applications have been infected. According to information from Palo Alto Networks under attack got WeChat app for text messaging with an audience of more than 500 million users per month. Developer WeChat, Tencent said the company, which potentially could be infected with an older version of the application only.

Secure the Apple application store in the electronic distribution of the AppStore has always been on top. Palo Alto Networks argued that before the incident, a similar situation occurred to be only five times in the history of the AppStore, taking into account that now the electronic platform hosts more than 1.5 million applications.

Ryan Olsen, Director of Threat Intelligence told Reuters that YiSpecter was relatively harmless, but the fact that this happened in the vast AppStore can lead to problems much larger scale.

In the words of Olsen has a share of guile as YiSpecter not simply show a full-screen advertising and could change search parameters in the browser Safari, but also opens the door for a broader attack intruders. According to RBC virus cannot install or run arbitrary applications on the devices Apple, as well as to replace the already installed applications and other capture them for display advertising.