Malware started to use the browser entirely, instead of being integrated into them

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Inexhaustible imagination of the authors of malicious programs. Google Chrome recently started to tighten the screws and restrict the rights of browser extensions – for some time now they have to be inspected by specialists of the code. Therefore, instead of trying to fit into an existing browser as an extension, a new malware called eFast simply replaces him all the browser entirely.

eFast based on free engine Chromium. He notes in the system itself as the default browser, and reassigns a multitude of file associations, including extensions and others. Apart from these, intercepted associated with the url – ftp, http, https, mailto, and others. As a result, all files and all links open in a new “browser.” The properties of the application, you can see that it contains certain company source Clara Labs Software with the site


After that appear on the desktop a few links to other sites, icons, strongly reminiscent of icons Chrome. Naturally, “browser” looks almost like Chrome because of the same engine.


The program gets on your computer through the installers free software downloaded from unscrupulous sites. When using eFast instead of the normal web browser user expects an abundance of unsolicited advertising, embedded directly into the page, and pop-ups.