How to protect the system against ransomware

How to protect the system against ransomware
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In this article we will examine 2 categories of protection:

  • Anti-malware software
  • Safe working

NOTE! If you want to provide maxi protection of your PC, you should use both methods.

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Safe working

In order to sneak into your PC, Ransomware will use various deceptive ways. There are 2 the most popular ways:

  • Via spam attachments (.doxm)
  • Via hacked web sites with malicious iframe

We recommend you to read full name of files. Today, the swindlers may send your .exe file to PDF or Word icon. Also, you need to check all unknown or suspicious files via VirusTotal.

Yet one thing that you should use is backup. You have to use Dropbox, Microsoft one drive and other services. Ransomware cannot hack it. Thus, all your important information will safe. What’s more, you need to organize the safety-awareness briefing in your company. Today, the most of the attacks will aim on corporations. The scammers require ransom which more than ransom for common users.

The second way is not popular today. It is called “bundles”. These bundles usually attack IE (older version). To solve the problem, you need to use a new version Chrome. Also, you must update your flash player, Java timely.

Anti-malware software

There are 3 strategies:

  • Anti-virus solution. Unfortunately, it is not an effective way. Today, ransomware is a very popular type of malware. Therefore, you may face a new app on a regular basis.

  • VaccinationGenerally, Ransomware leaves certain traces of the computer system. The malware uses this technique to encrypt not computer data. Therefore, the vaccination may be used to deceive the virus. It will think that the computer is already infected.

  • Behavioral analysis. It is the most complex and interesting way. It allows to identify characteristic patterns of behavior Ransomware. For example, a legitimate program cannot change a lot of consecutive files with high entropy (it means that the files are encrypted).

Nowadays, the antivirus vendors use various methods to create their products. For example, many sorts of Ransomware cannot work without being connected to the command server. It means, if you block network filter, the virus will put out of commission. But the popular of the family is a very smart. For this reason, you need to use all methods to stop the virus.

We offer you now a beta version in which only the first two strategies. In the future we will add driver to behavior analysis.

How to prevent ransomware viruses:

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